We all start somewhere on our fitness journey. Maybe you started with healthy, clean diet but no workout routine or no drive to start one. Maybe you started out with a great attitude & you workout several times a week but you have an unhealthy diet.

Just because you're eating right doesn't mean there is no need to workout. We workout to keep our bodies strong! Not everyone wants to lift extremely heavy weights or be able to run several miles without needing a break; but having a healthy diet & keeping up a good workout routine will keep your body strong & able to do things as you age. Who wants to be put in a nursing home because you can't take care of yourself? Not me that's for sure! Our elders are put in nursing homes every day due to the fact that they cannot take care of themselves. They can't go to the bathroom alone, they need help in the shower or they can no longer stand in the kitchen & fix a meal. These are all things that we can avoid just by being an all around healthy person. Squatting properly & often, that is the ability to sit and stand up loading our bodies in a good position. Dead lifts, picking any object up off the ground. Shoulder press/strict press, that is the practice of lifting an object over our heads with proper form in order to not hurt our backs. 

On a second note.....you can not out train  a bad diet!!!! I am sure you have heard this before if not several times! Just because you workout several times a week or even every day, doesn't mean you can eat whatever you want. Maybe you are skinny & you feel fit no matter what you eat, but have you thought about what the inside of your body may look like? Maybe you workout every day, eat like crap & wonder why you haven't lost any weight....well you need to clean up your nutrition! In order to get the most out of our workouts we need to eat clean, drink water & get our rest. Don't think of  "going on a diet" think about it as a lifestyle change. This is something you should stick with, not something you should do until you loose that body fat or the weight, but something you should always be doing & done correctly you'll always want too.

I am not saying you have to eat 100% clean for the rest of your life & never have a treat, this is something you should do at least 90% of the time. If you are eating a clean, healthy diet 90% of the time, then that one cheat meal is not going to ruin your life. You don't need to beat yourself up over it, you need to eat your cheat meal, think to yourself "that was good" & move right back into your clean lifestyle.

Diet is something many of us struggle with, it's a battle between the food industry & our bodies craving those sugar & carbs. It is, however, something that can be changed. Get with a  group of people with goals similar to yours, follow fitness pages on Facebook & Instagram, have your family start eating healthy. Set the standards for your kids while they are young so they don't grow up with the same challenges, set the example for your friends, be the leader they need!

You can do this, you just have to believe in yourself & stop making excuses. Sure you may fail but pick yourself up & try again. You may not see results as fast as you want, give it time, don't give up on yourself!

-Payton Givens