I was so nervous to try Crossfit! Let me start this story by letting you know it took my husband 2 whole years to get me to even consider walking into a Crossfit box. He always told me I could do it, that it was for everyone & you don't have to be some amazing athlete when you start. When I finally told him yes I would try it he was so happy. It still took me  an entire month to get there but I did it. The class we planned on going to had actually been canceled & we didn't know it. I was happy about it of course, it gave me the chance to see the box & meet the trainer before having to jump in & do a class.

We got up the next day & went back. The whole way there I was thinking "oh my gosh I can't do this, this is crazy", but I went anyway. I figured I could give it a try & then I could say to him, "well I tried it". When we walked in we were greeted by the trainer & some of the althetes that would be working out with us. Everyone was so nice & positive which of course made me feel so much better. 

After the warm up the trainer started going over the WOD & of course I got overwhelmed. I knew I couldn't do box jumps or throw a wall ball up & catch it. Well of course it was scaled for me & there was no judgement from the other athletes. I actually enjoyed the WOD, it was chilling & fun. After class a few people were able to stick around & asked me what I thought, told me how good I did & told me to come back. 

I had to say to my husband "ok yes, you told me so". From then on I was hooked! I have now been doing Crossfit for 2 years & I still love it. It's still challenging & of course I am still scaling some things, the community is great, & the training is awesome. 

If you have eve wanted to try Crossfit do it! Give it a chance, most boxes do a trial class & some will give you a trial week!