So everyone is talking about watching & counting their macros, but what the heck is a macro anyway??? I am sure we have all been at that point & may currently be counting our calories. Can't have more than xxx calories or oops I have to many calories today so I'll have to eat less tomorrow! 

Well lets talk about keeping up with macros instead of calories for a minute. The word "macro" is short for macronutrients. There are three macros in nutrition, carbohydrates, protein, & fats. 

So maybe you make a goal to eat no more than 1,700 calories per day. So you think to yourself "I did good today only eating 1,500 calories", but where did those calories come from? Maybe you ate fast food (which will certainly bump up your calories). Wouldn't it make more sense to eat clean rather than fast food? Maybe you've been eating at or below your calorie goal for a month or so & you're seeing a difference, but then eventually stall out, well we know that's frustrating! 

If we took out calorie counting & became more aware of what we are eating, we would feel better & drop some fat. So how do you keep up with macros? Macros are measured in percentages. You would of course need some nutrition guidance if you've never done macros before. Sit down with someone & decide how many carbs, proteins, & fats you need each day. Everyone's percentages are going to be different, we all have a different goal in mind. Your macros may look like 50% protein, 25% carbs, & 25% fat. So the goal is to not go over those percentages but also not to go way under. 

There are several things you can do to hit your goals. 

1. Weigh & measure your food. This will give you a precise number rather than just guessing & hoping you're not over or under.

2. Track what you eat. Use an app, such as my fitness pal, to log your food every day. Loggin your food as you go will let you know what you are able to eat as the day goes on. You can even enter your food the night before to really stay on track.

3. Meal planning & prepping. This is key in staying on track. Meal prepping makes it easy to grab your food & go. You can even make all of your meals for the week in one day. Sure that's time consuming but think about the time you'll be saving all the other days by not having to cook a lot or figure out what to eat when you're hungry. 

Keeping up with macros can be tricky & even frustrating, but if you set your mind to it you can achieve your goals.