It's that time of year again....TIME TO SIGN UP FOR THE 2016 CROSSFIT OPEN GAMES!!!! I am sure you are hearing a lot of people talk about the open. The open is something for everyone, it doesn't matter how new you are to crossfit, how old you are or how "out of shape" you may think you are. People from around the world sign up to be in the open every year. It doesn't matter if you think you will come in dead last, somewhere in the middle or one of the top performers, just sign up. 

When I started crossfit the games were just about to start, everyone in my box told me to sign up, "it's fun", "everyone is signing up", those are just a couple of the things they told me. Well I didn't sign up....and I ended up regretting it. My second year at crossfit I signed up for the open & I had so much fun! Every Friday the WOD at our box was the open workout of the week, so I was doing the open workouts anyway. It frustrated me that I wasn't able to compare my abilities form that year to the previous year. 

I am sure some of you reading this are saying "I can't do those lifts" or "I am not as fast as the other people". That's okay, you don't have to be on the same level, we are all at different places in our fitness journey. There is a scaled division for every open workout just like the WOD is scaled to your abilities at your box every day. 

Go online, sign up for the open, & have fun! You won't regret signing up!