So one of the things I love to see is a family working out together! When my brothers, sister & I were young we were always doing something. It may have been a sport, swimming at the lake or pool or maybe just out riding bikes & skating; we were active & it was awesome!

I believe that being healthy & staying in shape starts young. Yes it is something you can start at any age but when you grow up knowing how to exercise & the importance of being healthy it's easier to accomplish & easier to stick with. I personally do not have kids but I get to keep my nieces for a week or so at a time. They work out everyday when they are home with their mom & when they are with me I bring them to Crossfit. They always look forward to the kids fit academy on Mondays & Wednesday's. So I now as they grow up they will keep up this active lifestyle! I love knowing that they will want to be active & when they have families of their own they will likely carry on the tradition.

so many people want everything handed to them, being healthy & active is something you have to earn on your own, no one can hand you that!  This is my passion & I would love to see the current & future generations continue this trend.

Are you the family that stays active together? What lifelong habits are your children forming?  How will their health and quality of life look as an adult?  It starts now :)