I wanted to share my thought on this year's Crossfit open games in hopes of learning what others thought.

This was my second year to be signed up for the games & I think I may have enjoyed it more than last year. That was probably due to the fact the I was able to RX every WOD! Okay, just had to get that out there lol. Last year there was only one WOD I was actually able to RX & I continually thought to myself "I will never be able to do what they are doing" (something I tell people all the time not to say). This year I amazed myself by RXing each WOD & wishing I had not doubted myself, this doesn't mean that I did as well as I wanted on each of them but it made me happy to know that I was able to do what I did.

Although I was excited about being able to RX each WOD I was more nervous than I was last year. There was one WOD that was announced Thursday & I waited until the following Monday to tackle it. In those 3 short days I thought more about how hard it was going to be than how to conquer it. I was also more nervous because I knew I could do more than last year & that would make the work harder, but that's okay, you have to be challenged to become a better person. 

So how do you feel about this years games? Was this your first year? Are you glad you signed up? Tell us what your experience was like!