People often ask me how long I have been training or why I decided I wanted to train other people. I love answering this question for my clients so I thought I would put it out there for everyone.

I can say that I have always been into some kind of activity, not necessarily a sport but active in some way. I loved to bike, swim, four wheeler ride & hike as a kid & teenager. As I got older I would go to the gym with my sister daily & work out for about an hour or so. I began watching the classes that were offered & how happy the people in them were; they were all active, talking & having fun together. Soon many of my friends started asking me to help the, get in shape or start some sort of fitness routine. That's about the time I realized I would love to help people get fit & live a healthier lifestyle every day! I love it when people come to me & say "can you help me start my fitness journey" or "I've been wokrking out but I think I need help with my routine". 

Training people is not just a job to me, it's my passion! If I could pick one thing to do for the rest of my life, it would be personal training along with Crossfit training. When I have a client that comes back & tells me how sore they are or how their clothes are fitting better I happy & pleased to know that I helped them do that, I helped that person feel better about themselves.

It doesn't matter to me if someone comes of me wanting help with training, nutrition or both, it makes me so happy to help them be healthy & happy. I love being that person people are comfortable coming to to talk about their journey, I love hearing why they started & helping them figure out a way to stay on the path they have chosen.

Why do you do what you do? Are you a trainer, nutritionist, stay at home mom or dad, a teacher? Tell me why you are passionate about your career.

-Payton Givens, CF-L1

Personal Trainer