Feelings....we all have them& there's nothing we can do but embrace them! It's good for people to know that everyone struggles, we are all human. I can tell you from a personal experience...it sucks to be upset by a workout of ANY kind!

So this week, Monday (day 1 of the week for me), was horrible! I went into my WOD with a mindset of "I can't do this". That is something you should never do!!! I had known what the WOD was for 4 days before I did it. every day I thought about it & how hard it was going to be. For those 4 days I should have been getting a strategy lined out & telling myself "YOU CAN DO THIS".  I know everyone has these days & these mindsets; or maybe you've just had a bad day or you're just emotional & that makes working out hard....but you have to remember that's all mental, you can do it, you can do anything you set your mind to.

So after 24 reps (the goal was 25), I struggled to get the LAST rep. I tried so many times but couldn't get it & that pissed me off! With everyone standing around cheering me on, trying to help motivate me, I walked out! I've never been so frustrated with a WOD in the last 2(+) years of crossfit! Honestly, I was shocked at how my feelings were hurt! I did not think something that I have struggled with but accomplished before, could make me so upset & angry at the same time. Lucky my box is full of wonderful people who care about me, how I feel & want to see me succeed. A few of them came out to check on me & when I walked back in they told me o did good & that feeling happens to everyone. As a coach I wanted my athletes to see me make it through the WOD, but we are all human.

A couple of the other coaches had some great things to say..."If it weren't for mental defeats, we would have no motivation to her better!" Jason Fakouri. These are words we should all I've by, at some point in life we will all need these words.

Later that night I got a phone call from Rene (owner of Crossfit align). She told me that I did a great job, she knows I can do those movements & I know that too, but sometimes we get beat by the work we have to do. She reminded me it's good to struggle & it's even good to get knocked down sometimes. It's getting up after being down that makes us stronger & it makes us push harder. Then we see that our body & brain are capable of anything! We have to remember, especially in those times of struggle, we are all human, we are all going to get beat by someone or something else, just make sure you get up, dust off & try again!

So I'm putting my feelings out there to let you know it can be hard but you WILL succeed!  Remember this applies to all aspects of life, not just in the gym but at work, at home, with friends & family. Tell us some things you have struggled with, or what makes you happy or excited?!?