I competed in my first crossfit competition this past Saturday (The American Affiliate Cup). I did not actually plan on being in this particular competition but I have always wanted to give it a try. In order to have a team in the competition there had to be 2 women & 2 men on a team. We had 2 teams from Crossfit Align signed up to compete but one of the women on, what ended up being my team, was unable to attend. I stepped in so that they would still be able to compete. I was so nervous & said to myself I can't do this several times. I honestly thought about telling them I couldn't do it, but not wanting to let anyone down I jumped in! 

We were able to practice each WOD before hand so at least we knew about how far or how much time it would take us to do something. We were able to stratigize before hand which made me feel better about things. I thought we needed to practice more than we did but in the end we did great. I also took comfort in the fact that I wasn't the only one that was nervous about the competition. 

When competition day rolled around I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be....but trust me I was PLENTY nervous!!! Once we were done with the first event I felt much better about things. We stopped being so nervous & started having more fun! It was so mic fun being out there, working hard & being cheered on by all the spectators. 

I have though about signing up for a competition before & my husband always thought I would like it, but planned on starting off with something a little smaller than the American Affiliate Cup. In the end I am glad I got out there & did it. We all had fun & it was a great experience.

 Have you been in a Crossfit or fitness competition of any kind? If so what did you think. If not, is it something you would want to give a try?