800g Challenge

We’re dropping the 800g Nutrition Challenge October 15th!!! We love some nutrition challenges at CFA and every time we do them we reflect and think how can we make this even better for next time. What worked and what didn’t. 4 years in and I’m more excited than ever to release this challenge!!! What’s so special about this one? Well…for starters…nothing is off limits. That’s right! We’re even hosting a donut wod 5 days in to the challenge and yes, I will most likely be eating a donut that day. Will it still work for you? well…there’s only one way for you to find out! Join us Thursday Oct 4th at CFA 5:30p & learn more…we’ll even have some samples of how good earning all those points can taste thanks to Crave Fuel! Invite friends and family free of charge..just have them sign in to class through the website so we’ll have a head count!